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Photopix was born to help the photographer and not to earn money. That is why these websites are very useful for us to publish the content and find these magnificent places.

What is Photopix?

Photopix was born in 2018, after planning a trip to Ireland. Before traveling like all photographers I set out to investigate which photo spots would be the most suitable for me, doing this search I realized how difficult it is and how much time is wasted doing it, in my case one week.

So while I remembered what it was costing me to find these places, I proposed to create some tool that will facilitate my work and the rest of my fellow photographers. Since then the project has been advancing and regressing in equal parts, until I finally understood how a website of this caliber should be developed, we must understand that for this project more than 100 countries would be incorporated and time is an important factor.

This project is not born with the intention of generating income but with the intention of helping, we must rely on platforms such as 500px, flickr or google maps. That thanks to its content we can continue to move forward. The ads that can be seen within the platform, help us pay the server and domain, so we ask you to put the web in your Adblock Whitelist so you can see the ads that are not abusive and click on them if you see something interesting.

Photopix Online

The Photopix online platform, provides services for locating photographic locations around the world. Our goal is to provide possibilities for both professional and amateur photographers, to make their work easier. On the other hand, thanks to the photographs that are published through 500px or flickr, we are able to give diffusion to these places and the photographers who take them.