Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse, New York

Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse

The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse is an octagonal stone lighthouse dating from 1822 in the Charlotte neighborhood in upstate Rochester, New York, USA. The 12-meter tower is located on Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Genesee River. It originally had 10 Argand whale oil lamps, which were replaced by a Fresnel lens in 1853.

On February 28, 1881, the lighthouse was extinguished. After the nearby docks changed the mouth of the river, it was far from the water. The light was moved to a dock in 1884.

In 1965, students at Charlotte High School began a letter campaign to save the lighthouse from imminent destruction. It was declared surplus in 1981 by the government. It is now owned by Monroe County and managed as a museum by the Charlotte Genesee Lightouse Historical Society, a non-profit volunteer organization.

It is part of the Seaway Trail, a national scenic route. It is registered in the National Register of Historic Places and is also a landmark of the City of Rochester. It is open to the public.

As of 2014, the lighthouse is active, and is listed on the U.S. Coast Guard’s List of Lights as light number 2333.

Location of Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse

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